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BARELY STARTED (#AugusttWrites)


Some of us were born to hi 5 general managers and not to face books (Facebook’s)

We were born with wooden ladles in our mouth while some had silver spoons

The only dreams we had were those we copied from other people’s visions

We walked the surface of the Earth like soldiers without missions

They called us misfits. They tagged us the weirdos

They rejected us and made us feel miserable

The hatred in their actions were undeniable

They set us up and nailed us down

Made sure we always wore a frown

They called us friends but start the crisis

But we were not ignorant of their devices

We hoped and prayed for them to change

But never did we wish for them to fall

They tried their best to drive us into rage

But we only came up with our shoulders tall

Then the Light came. Christ came.

Peace came. Joy came.

Success came; then the smiles came.

The tables turned. The bridges burned

The frowns were turned upside-down

And no longer in tears would we drown

We broke the law of attraction

And we became the center of attention

Actions were no longer taken without us

And we had the final say in every point of focus

We who were considered as vessels of nonsense were awarded the (poetic) license

And they now wait in line to earn a positive review from us

It’s true we aren’t picture perfect. That’s our nature

but they now need us in the frame, for a perfect picture

We aren’t proud nor arrogant, we have a clear conscience

We don’t possess confidence. We possess Godfidence

We no longer fought to fit in when we now understand we were born to stand out

We understand it’s not about us. God is all we are about

He picked us up and with His love into us He imparted

He has made us free-spirited and kindhearted

He makes a way through our troubles like the Red Sea He parted

He patched up we whose souls were torn and tarted

Now we stand our grounds and for the hate we are lionhearted

We aren’t turning back nor getting outsmarted

Up until from Earth we get departed;

Watch out frienemies ’cause we’ve barely started

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