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What we stand for

The word Augustt Lyte doesn't just represent a person. It also stands for a team of skilled professionals who not just seek to help others progress but also aim to revolutionize and influence a generation of young people who look beyond just the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We believe in getting people to start off on their own and make it to the top, without relying much on others.

What we do

As the world goes more and more towards the digital age, the brand seeks to bridge the gap between the skilled and unskilled. In terms of training people and equipping them with the necessary skills to endure the digital age. With TLA Multimedia, we hope to empower young adults, irrespective of their race, gender, background, and affiliation. TLA creates, manages and distributes digital content (videos, photos, audio and text). It works both as a digital marketing firm and training hub as well as a media production hub for all needs. Now you can get all your digital content needs in one location.

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As a group of travel lovers, Excover seeks to level up the difficulty of travel and adventure within explorers. With affordable and well arranged packages  to suit every pocket type and size, the project aims to make travel fun and less expensive. A travel club which has partnered with most tour operators, travel agencies and tourist sites to bring you closer to your dream vacation. Get first hand info on your preferred destinations, even before you set out.

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Meet the Team

Get to know the forces that drive this vision. The brains behind all what you saw, what you are seeing and what you'll will see.

Augustt Lyte

Founder & CEO

One of the new generation thinkers and a soldier in the Lord's army. One who believes he can do all things through Christ, his strength.  Being an idea packed child, Augustt Lyte has always been a driving force behind most of the trends you see online today. From music to brand development, to the fashion world and the mobile app world. His ideas have driven various projects into the light and he has a tremendous skill for getting solutions to most of the problems you can face. Breaking away from the "world" into the faith of Christ, a proof that Christianity has nothing to do with poverty.

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Manager (TLA Digital)

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Manager (Earthplore)

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